Run Of The Mill
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UNICEF Award Winner -The International Animation Festival

“Highly Recommended! This non-narrated program tells the compelling story of a boy from a happy, nurturing family who is lured into drug use by his curiosity. Progressing from smoking to syringes, he remains in a transparent bubble, isolated from his parents and peers. Students, parents and teachers will find this a discussion-promoting tool.”School Library Journal

“Highly Recommended! The bubble symbol effectively helps to portray in stark terms the family dynamics of the situation, as the ever-growing bubble becomes the center of everyone’s life.”Animation World Magazine

“Recommended. An intriguing depiction of the cycle of drug addiction as a young boy falls prey to a drug dealer’s enticement. Wordless animation shows a growing bubble representing the expanding isolation of the addict’s world.”NAMTC & NMM Review

Oscar winning animator, Borge Ring (Anna and Bella), uses his expertise in animation to weave the tale of a young boy from a happy family who falls victim to a drug dealer who exploits the boy’s curiosity about drugs with a disastrous result. Without the use of dialogue we see the boy exists inside a transparent bubble. His peers grow up to active social lives, while he continues to fly inside his bubble, isolated, within an insular world that the boy’s increasingly desperate parents are unable to penetrate. Produced by Borge and Joanika Ring.

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